Cacao & Buckwheat Smoothie Bowl

I really enjoy experimenting with buckwheat, I like it’s earthy taste and it’s a great gluten free grain full of disease fighting anti-oxidants.
This smoothie bowl seems like a treat yet it’s so simple and contains lots of health boosting nutrients, there’s no reason why it can’t be a weekly event. Perfect for those chocolate lovers amongst us! Just one important thing to remember – the buckwheat groats need soaking overnight.
Cacao & Buckwheat Smoothie Bowl
1 cup buckwheat groats
3 tbsp cacao
150ml milk of choice
1 banana
Topping options:
Nuts & Seeds
Cacao nibs
Bee pollen
1. Put the buckwheat groats in a bowl and cover with water, put aside overnight
2. In the morning, drain the groats and rinse thoroughly
3. Add groats, cacao and banana to a blender along with half of the milk and blitz. Keep adding the milk slowly until you’ve reached the desired consistency – you’re looking for it to be thick and creamy
4. Pour into a glass or small bowl, add your chosen toppings and serve
I hope you enjoy this tasty start to the morning!
Hannah x