Home Baking

100% maple syrup by acadian and grade A no. 1 medium Quick shop
coconut oil which is mild and odourless and perfect for baking or roasting Quick shop
raw cold pressed premium coconut oil by coconut miracle Quick shop
plain white flour by doves farm which is organic Quick shop
organic self raising flour by doves farm available at shorebeing in worthing Quick shop
organic English wholemeal flour by doves farm Quick shop
organic baking powder available at shorebeing natural foods in worthing Quick shop
Freee By Doves Farm Gram Flour Quick shop
doves farm organic rice flour Quick shop
aluminium fine quality foil 100% recycled by If you care Quick shop
parchment baking paper by if you care which is 100% recycled Quick shop
white arborio rice by infinity foods which is organic Quick shop
chia seeds by infinity foods 500gram bag Quick shop
coconut flour which is gluten free and made by infinity foods Quick shop
organic coconut palm sugar in a 500g bag by infinity foods Quick shop
raw cacao nibs by infinity foods Quick shop
raw health maya honey Quick shop
suma tomato puree in a tube Quick shop